Eric Mueller

Akbar Pardayev

Warehouse Manager

[email protected]

Eric Mueller has been with Grosh Scenic Rentals since 1979. He has endless knowledge of the company history and maintains an efficient work force.

After college, Eric ventured into the Hollywood area in search of a job. Here he began his career at Grosh Scenic Rentals. Eric’s expertise is invaluable, and, over the years, his partnership with Grosh Scenic Rentals has helped the company continue to be a leader in the industry. Many achievements are part of his resume, including assistant shop foreman and warehouse manager.

He is the author of the Backdrop Care and Maintenance instructions, and will be the person you should talk to if you have any technical questions. So fear not, when you call for expert advice about your backdrop, drapery, or setup, that is what you will receive from Eric’s expert advice, and undoubtedly a pleasant conversation, too!