This season’s Nutcracker Production


Starting preparations for the Holiday season in July?

Let us help! Grosh has all the backdrops to set the stage for this season’s The Nutcracker.

It’s the night before Christmas and beautiful music drifts all through the house as Clara and her family are getting ready for their family Christmas party in the parlor. As the music swells, Clara dances amongst her friends and family when Uncle Drosselmeyer arrives with gifts for her and her brother, Fritz. Drosselmeyer presents them with life-size dolls that begin to dance amongst the delighted guests. But Drosselmeyer has one more gift for the children, a Nutcracker dressed as a soldier. Clara immediately falls in love with her little soldier and the guests are in awe of the gift. When the Nutcracker breaks in the middle of the party Drosselmeyer attempts to mend the soldier, leaving him under the Christmas tree to rest. After all the guests leave and the family goes to sleep, Clara sneaks back to the parlor to check on her beloved Nutcracker. Then, as she cradles the Nutcracker in her arms, the clock strikes midnight and the room around her begins to grow. The Nutcracker comes to life just as an army of mice swarms the parlor led by the Mouse King. Backed by toy soldiers, the Nutcracker goes into battle with the Mouse King and his mouse army. Just as the Mouse King is about to defeat the Nutcracker and his army, Clara throws her slipper at the Mouse King, taking him out for good. With the defeat of the Mouse King, the Nutcracker turns into a handsome prince who brings Clara on a journey through the Land of Snow and the Land of Sweets where they dance together amongst the snowflakes and sugar plums. 

Get ready for Clara’s Christmas Eve festivities with one of our parlor backdrops! For a large-scale, classical feel try the Antique Pink Victorian Parlor toCharming Pink Victorian Parlor set the stage for an elegant party and a battle with the Mouse King! Hoping for a more cozy, intimate setting for your party scenes? The Splendid Parlor Interior is perfect for inviting your audience into the warmth of a festive parlor. If you’re looking for a grand parlor to set the stage for a refined evening of dance, try the Opulent Red Parlor Interior. The illusion of high ceilings, bordered by red curtains create a regal backdrop for dancing amongst life-size dolls and toy soldiers. No matter the parlor, the Growing Christmas Tree backdrop will truly bring magic to the stage. Through a simple pulley system, this Christmas tree stretches right before your eyes to give the illusion of Clara shrinking as the clock strikes midnight. Blue Night Snow Landscape, Nutcracker, Winter

Dance amongst the snowflakes with the ultimate snowy backdrop. The Blue Night Snow Landscape depicts mounds of white snow surrounding tall pine trees dusted with snow, all painted blue under a glowing full moon. For a more open feel, the Night Snow Forest and Pine Tree Night Snow backdrops give the illusion of a snowy clearing amidst a wood of towering pines covered in snow, the perfect spot for snowflakes to dance under the starry night sky. 

Bring your audience to the Land of Sweets with a brilliant, sugary backdrop. Hoping to keep with the theme of the holiday spirit? The Fantasy Candyland and Lace Candyland backdrops are vibrant with swirls of candy cane. Both backdrops are packed with sweets and candy cane pillars overlooking snowy hills.Bright backdrop with candy for Nutcracker performance Wanting to display a candy kingdom on your stage? Try the Kingdom of the Sweets or the Fruit Land of the Sweets backdrops! Fruit Land of the Sweets depicts a pink castle with arched windows, overflowing with fruits and treats. The Kingdom of the Sweets backdrop highlights the depth of the Kingdom, displaying a golden wall with images of tasty treats held up by candy cane pillars.  

It’s never too early to prepare for the Holiday season. Start planning for your production of The Nutcracker with Grosh today!








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