• Product ID: #ES2479
  • Condition: A
  • Size: 22 X 50
  • Price: $995

Colorful stylized landscape with rolling hills and white clouds in sky.The path leads to a pink house on a hill and an orange house on the left. The material on this drop is breaking because of the heaviness of the paint. This will result in cracks and creases to hold when the drop is folded. Item ships from our California warehouse.

New York Buildings on Black Chiffon

  • Product ID: #PR313
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 29 X 21
  • Price: $495

Stylized depiction of New York City buildings at night. The tops of some of the buildings have spotlights pointing out into the night sky. Along the bottom are houses that are reflected into the sea. This backdrop is made of black chiffon and the material is brittle at the top.

Ship at Sea Banner

  • Product ID: #S6041
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 5'11 X 4
  • Price: $325

Brown wooden boat is sailing over a stylized, cartoon-like sea and there are red banners flying at the top of the ship.

Behind the Mask Border

  • Product ID: #S1193
  • Condition: B
  • Size: 7 X 54
  • Price: $295

Green, yellow and blue border with the words “BEHIND THE MASK” in the center. The fabric is thin and worn on this border. About 8 feet on the stage right side, the fabric is two toned.

Gray Damask

  • Product ID: #D0908
  • Condition: C
  • Size: 24 X 12
  • Price: $225

Gray Damask drape. There are some small stains on this item and the fabric is yellowed.

Steel Blue Plush Border

  • Product ID: #D0812
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 3 X 20
  • Price: $125

Steel Blue Plush Border. Fabric is very yellowed and worn.

Turquoise Crash

  • Product ID: #D0750
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 18'6" X 8
  • Price: $195

Turquoise Crash drape. There is a little bit of yellowing in the fabric.

Gold Damask Drape

  • Product ID: #PR310
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 18 X 8
  • Price: $195

Gold Damask Drape. There is a large, yellow stain at the bottom center of this drape.

Red Velour Rust

  • Product ID: #D1140
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 9'6" X 6
  • Price: $195

Red Velour Rust drape. The fabric is brittle and worn. There is a small hole at the very top.

Cherry Red Plush Leg

  • Product ID: #D0621
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 9 X 3'6"
  • Price: $195

Cherry Red Plush Leg. Fabric is brittle.