Black Sharksooth Scrim

  • Product ID: #D1266
  • Condition: C
  • Size: 22 X 30
  • Price: $650

Black Sharksooth Scrim. This drape has patches and repairs.

Gold Rain Curtain

  • Product ID: #PR107
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 18 X 25
  • Price: $195

Gold Rain Curtain. This drape is wrinkled and missing a lot of strips. There is webbing at the top.

Black Drape with Gold Border

  • Product ID: #S6040
  • Condition: B
  • Size: 18 X 28
  • Price: $275

Black drapery with Gold Border. This item has a slit in the middle up to the gold border. The fabric is black but also shiny. The drape is lined with natural muslin. There is no pipe pocket and the drape is sewn flat.

Tropical Leg (SR)

  • Product ID: #S1116
  • Condition: A
  • Size: 16'4" X 15'9"
  • Price: $195

Stage right let of a tropical scene complete with straw hut and jungle foliage. This drop has no stains and is in very good condition.

Gold Damask Border

  • Product ID: #D1559
  • Condition: A
  • Size: 4 X 50
  • Price: $195

Gold Damask Border.

Black Rain Curtain

  • Product ID: #D1983
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 12 X 25
  • Price: $195

Black Rain Curtain. The bottom is uneven as it was previously cut short by a customer. The existing strips are not crinkled.

Liquid Lame

  • Product ID: #PR101
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 30 X 71
  • Price: $195

Liquid lame drape. This drape is sewn flat and the fabric is very reflective, almost glossy. It has some water stains.

Western Desert

  • Product ID: #S0956
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 30 X 60
  • Price: $495

Dramatic landscape backdrop of a western desert complete with big, blue sky and rugged canyon walls. The paint is cracking on this drop and the fabric at the top is brittle and thin. This drop is very large and is not pictured in its entirely.

White Sharkstooth Scrim

  • Product ID: #ED2059
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 22 X 50
  • Price: $625

White Sharkstooth Scrim. There are multiple repairs on this drape that are not that noticeable under light. There are also small paint stains that look yellow. Please note this drape was photographed with a muslin cyclorama behind it.

Silver Strip Curtain

  • Product ID: #ED2121
  • Condition: D
  • Size: 18'3" X 25
  • Price: $195

Silver Strip Curtain. This drape has webbing across the top. It is also missing strips, missing tie lines and the stage right side strips are shriveled up.