Broadway Backdrops

Broadway Backdrops

Broadway Backdrops

In addition to hosting world-class theatrical productions, Broadway itself has been the subject and setting of several plays and musicals. Grosh Backdrops and Drapery offers a collection dedicated to depicting the iconic neon lights of the professional theaters that line Broadway in Manhattan, New York City.

Find a selection of stage backdrops that celebrate Broadway’s thrumming energy and showmanship at Grosh. We have several stage backdrop designs that portray the street in various styles and angles, as well as backdrops with colorful appliques, musical notes and dancers, stages, and stylized images of a number of iconic streets in New York City.

Rent the theater-themed backdrop that best fits your production’s vision of Broadway. For your convenience, we can ship it for you to any place in the US out of our Los Angeles or Evansville, Indiana warehouses.

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