Church Interior Stained Glass Backdrop for the Pippin Play Also used for: Romeo and Juliet. Shrek. Tom Sawyer

Rental Rate: $325.00

Item #ES1962
Ships From: Indiana Condition: C Backdrop has been rented several times and has mild cracking of the paint. Will have repairs and stains visible from closer distances and under certain lighting. Useable for most venues and can be improved with proper lighting. Best used on stage at some distance from the audience. Size : 22'h x 50'w
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Stained Glass Chapel Interior is a colorful backdrop that will go well with any scene set inside a place of worship. This theatrical backdrop does not contain any image connected to a specific religion. The stained glass inside the church is designed is predominantly yellow, while the circular glass forms images of flowers.  Grosh Backdrops theatrical rental of Stained Glass Chapel Interior is used in productions of Descendants, Shrek, Sound of Music and many other classic performances.

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