Projection Surface Cyclorama by Grosh Backdrops are ideal for all of your projection needs.

Rental Rate: $650.00

Item #ED2261
Ships From: Indiana Condition: A Like new with no visible damage or repairs. Drape is clean, full and useable for all venues. Size : 20' H x 50' W
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Are you using projections or gobos for your show then give Grosh Backdrops a call. Our projection surface cyclorama is a  Bleached White Seamless Cyclorama which has Ties Only which is ideal for any performance that needs to project. Our hidden ties allow you to project on the entire surface so that you can maximize your projected image.

If you are need of projected scences than look no further, Grosh Digital Projections has what you need for any show. Log into Grosh Digital Projections for all of your show image needs.

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