Oz Emerald City backdrop for Wizard of Oz, The Wiz and Wicked plays and productions

Rental Rate: $450.00

Item #ES8189
Ships From: Indiana Condition: A Like new. No visible damage or repairs. Backdrop is useable for all venues. Size : 17'h x 40'w
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For your production of The Wizard of Oz: a must have is our Oz Emerald City backdrop. In this panel are thick lush trees and blooming flowers in the foreground. Down the center is Dorothy's yellow brick road that leads her to the great city of Oz. As Dorothy and her friends follow the yellow brick road there are hills of green grass, shrubbery and more trees. At the end of the road is Oz Emerald City. It is a large emerald green mansion which is shimmering in the sunlight. In the background is a blue ocean and the silhouette of mountains. A brilliant blue sky hangs over the glowing Emerald City.

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