Nighttime French Street Backdrop

Rental Rate: $375.00

Item #ES2381
Ships From: Indiana Condition: A Like new. No visible damage or repairs. Backdrop is useable for all venues. Size : 22'h x 50'w
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Take your guest to a night in Paris with Grosh Backdrops Nighttime French street.  With our Nighttime French Street your audience will feel the romance in the air.  The center of the backdrop is a quaint cobblestone street that appears to lead to a beautifu view of paris lit up. In the background you see the sun setting with a dramatic orange and blue sky.  On either side of the cobblestone path are two story buildings.  Each of the building holds a different merchant.  On the right you see a flower shop with an awning hanging over the door.

This beautiful backdrop sets the stage for any event or performance set in Paris.  To rent this backdrop give us a call and speak to an experienced backdrop consultant.  You can also check availability and order directly online.

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Keywords: Les Miserables, An American in Paris, Pais