Light Pink Chiffon Backdrop

Rental Rate: $175.00

Item #D1403
Ships From: California Condition: B In newer condition with minor wear which may include some repairs and/or stains that can be minimized with proper lighting. Size : 18'h x 25'w
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Lend your stage a hint of delicateness with our Light Pink Chiffon drapes. Chiffon is a sheer and lightweight fabric that has a soft and slippery texture. The fabric has a lustrous texture that responds well to different lighting effects. It may even change color with the right lighting. This curtain can serve as a suitable background for titles that focus on femininity and sensitivity such as Once Upon a Mattress and Gypsy.

Reserve this pink theater drape for your next show or event by calling Grosh Backdrops and Drapery today. You can also check the form on this page to find out if the panel fits your stage. Should you need drapes and curtains with similar designs, look below for our list of suggested products.

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Meta Description: Add a touch of softness and delicateness to your stage with Grosh’s Light Pink Chiffon theater drapes. Check out our availability form to reserve this item!