Colorful Cloudy Sky Backdrop

Rental Rate: $350.00

Item #ES2587
Ships From: Indiana Condition: C Backdrop has been rented several times and has mild cracking of the paint. Will have repairs and stains visible from closer distances and under certain lighting. Useable for most venues and can be improved with proper lighting. Best used on stage at some distance from the audience. Size : 22'h x 50'w
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Details matter a lot in theater, and sometimes the depiction of a cloudy sky is all it takes to change the mood of a scene. Grosh’s Sky With Colorful Clouds features a blue sky with patches of fluffy clouds. Aside from blue and white, the sky in this panel also has patches of orange and red — a sign of the upcoming sunrise or sunset.

The rising and setting of the sun play important parts in religious celebrations like Easter Sunday. Aside from religious events, this backdrop can also be used in productions such as Fiddler on the Roof, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Carousel.

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