Grosh Backdrops presents our theatrical backrop Calendar which is ideal for a dance recital

Rental Rate: $450.00

Item #ES8173
Ships From: Indiana Condition: A Like new. No visible damage or repairs. Backdrop is useable for all venues. Size : 16'h x 40'w
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What is your favorite month of the year or your favorite holiday.  Why choose when you can have all twelve.  This is a delightful Calendar Montage backdrop which shows all twelve months of the year.  Our Calendar represents the twelve months of the year which are displayed on a solid black background which highlights all of the whimsy of each month.  On the foreground is the twelve month displayed on different colored banners.  Next to each banner you will find an a design that lets you know what holiday is celebrated in that month.  In January you see hats and an MLK button, February is the month of love and is shown with hearts, March is the luck of the Irish and has a leprechaun hat, April don't be fooled with a court jester hat, May celebrates Cinco De Mayo with a cactus and sombrero, June is of course dads month with a #1 dad button, July celebrates our great country with the America Flag, August hot and sunny with a beach ball and sun.  September is the time to take a break with labor day which is shown with an America hat, corn stalks and a hard working woman.  Now we come into fall with October and Halloween pumpkins and ghost, November you can't forget Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving turkey,  last month of the year is December with a Christmas Tree, packages and snowflakes.

This backdrop would highlight any dance recital or event that needs the year of holidays displayed in such whimsy.

Don't delay put your date on the calendar for your Dance Recital and call Grosh Backdrops today to rent this adorable backdrop.  You can also rent this scenic backdrop by going onto today.

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