Blue Lagoon backdrop for Guys and Dolls, Once on this Island, South Pacific, bayou, lake, blue lagoon, Little Mermaid, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, swamp plays and productions

Rental Rate: $450.00

Item #ES8278
Ships From: Indiana Condition: A Like new. No visible damage or repairs. Backdrop is useable for all venues. Size : 22'h x 50'w
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The beautiful and romantic Blue Lagoon backdrop from Grosh Rentals features weeping willow trees in the forefront all against a dark, blue night sky. Up top, a brilliant, full moon sits in the star-filled heavens. Reeds and plants can be seen peeking out from the dark, calm waters. This backdrop can be used in productions of Guys and Dolls, and The Little Mermaid.

If you are having an event set at a bayou after dark or you're performing "Kiss the Girl" in your adaptation of The Little Mermaid, this drop is ideal to take you there!