Black Sharkstooth Scrim Backdrop

Rental Rate: $425.00

Item #D1569
Ships From: California Condition: C This drape is losing some of the nap and may show some fading. It has noticeable repairs and/or stains that may be minimized by the proper use of lighting. Best used on stage at some distance from the audience. Size : 24'h x 50'w
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Black Sharkstooth Scrim is a great choice for theatrical performances that require minimalist backdrops. Scrims are gauze cloths that appear opaque until they are lit from behind. Because of this, they are used in scenes that need an air of mystery and secrecy. At the back of this scrim is a cyclorama or a concave curtain. The design in the cyclorama will be quite visible to the audience upon the application of proper lighting effects. May have repairs and/or staining. NOT recommended for back lighting.