Antique Blue Parlor Interior backdrop for Annie, Nutcracker, and Swan Lake plays

Rental Rate: $350.00

Item #ES7175
Ships From: Indiana Condition: B In newer condition with minor wear which may include repairs and cracking in some of the painted areas. May show fading in darker areas of drop. Backdrop is useable for all venues. Size : 16'3h x 40'w
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Take your audience back to the Victorian era with our Antique Blue Parlor Interior backdrop. This regal  backdrop features the interior of a traditional victorian parlor from the 1800's or 1900's.  It has a solid blue background adorned with gold molding.  The center of the drop is a estate like fireplace.  Above the fireplace is a large mirror framed in gold.  On stage left you see a small chair next to the fireplace.  On stage right is a small table.  On stage right and stage left are two large doors with delicate cherub angel artwork at the top.

The Antique Blue Victorian Interior Parlor is a detailed interior backdrop and would make a great addition to musicals like Annie, Sound of Music, Call Me Madam, and many others. Order this stage backdrop today. Check the availability of this product by using the form provided on this page. You can also call us for further assistance.

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