Winter Backdrops

Winter Scenes

The Story. Invite your friends and family to town for a Holiday celebration with one of our Winter Scenes. Bring that snowy feel to any stage with our wintertime goodies such as the Christmas, English Winter or Snowy Winter Villages. Perhaps set up a nice party around one of our Winter Cabins? Is New York the place you celebrate the holidays? We have a Central Park, Bridges and a New York Housefront to help bring the Big Apple to you this Christmas. Want to take this winter party to Santa’s place? We have the jolly drops just for you with our North Pole backdrops. The world is your snow globe; see what scenes you can shake up this holiday season.

North Pole

Grosh North pole Backdrop

European Winter Street

Grosh European Winter Street Backdrop

Winter Small Town

Grosh Winter Small Town

Winter Snowy Village

Grosh Snowy Winter Village