Undersea Backdrops


The Story. Have an awesome maritime adventure with one of our Colorful Underwater scenes. Splash around the Undersea Coral Reefs, Play with the Dolphins, Octopus and other Undersea life, even swim around the frail columns of the Lost City of Atlantis! Or, tell the tale of our favorite little mermaid with the Undersea Castle, Ariel’s Grotto and Ursula’s Lair. Don’t flounder on this opportunity! Dive into the mysterious world of the deep sea for your next nautical event.

Undersea Backdrop Themes

Undersea Coral

Grosh Undersea Coral Backdrop

Undersea Coral Reef

Grosh Underwater Coral Reef Backdrop

Colorful Underwater Scene

Grosh  Colorful Underwater Scene

Undersea Castle

Grosh  Undersea Castle