Tropical Backdrops

Tropical Backdrop

The Story. It’s a jungle out there!! Check out the jungle, the mighty jungle of tropical backdrops Grosh has to offer for your next event getaway. Sail down the rivers of our Jungle Oasis and greet the Animals as you drift by. Catch a few Zs under the shade of the palm trees using our Tropical Beach with Jungle Foliage. Or, if you like to be sun kissed, get some rays on our Tropical Beaches; possibly at sunset as it disappears into the water and welcomes the evening. Are you in the mood for adventure? Take a hike into the thick rain covered forest of the tropics where you will unearth hidden mysteries throughout the foliage landscape the jungle has to offer. So call us now and create the island paradise of your dreams before they all drift away.

Tropical Backdrop Themes

Jungle Oasis

Grosh Jungle Oasis Backdrop

Tropical Beach with Jungle Foliage

Grosh Tropical Beach with Jungle Foliage Backdrop

Tropical Sunset

Grosh Orange Tropical Sunset Backdrop

Tropical Beach at Sunset

Grosh Tropical Beach at Sunset