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The Story. In the story of The Little Mermaid, we are introduced to Princess Ariel, the headstrong undersea debutante whose only wish is to be part of the human world. One stormy evening, the little mermaid decides to take a chance at experiencing real life humans when she encounters a ship on the high seas. When she approaches the vessel, she catches a glimpse of the handsome Prince Eric and falls head over fins in love. However, the intensity of the storm threatens the love of her life when the ship is destroyed by the harsh waves crashing against it. Ariel quickly swims to save her love and carries him back to shore. As the prince comes to, he searches desperately for his savior only to find that she had swam away. But this distance is only temporary as Ariel decides to visit the Sea Witch Ursula to help her transform into a human so she can be with her prince in exchange for her lovely voice. A deal is made in which Ariel must have Prince Eric fall in love with her, voice unheard, before the end of three days and we soon discover that Ursula would stop at nothing to see Ariel fail in her mission.

Grosh Little Mermaid Backdrops

Our Backdrops.  Here at Grosh Backdrops and Digital, we splash right into the tale of The Little Mermaid with a number of fun and vibrant backdrops and projections. For those who have access to projectors will be swept off your fins as you scope out the animated scenes Grosh has to offer; feel the cool beach air surround you with the Castle on the Beach… behold the treasures in Ariel’s Grotto… take a swim in the ocean alongside the Castle of Atlantis, the coral reefs and let the Undersea Bubbles tickle you from below… or can dive deep into the dark regions of the ocean floor and visit the ominous Undersea Lair of the evil sea witch if you dare…. The world is your oyster!! Take a dip into our inventory and see what else Grosh has to offer for your production under the sea.

Popular Grosh Little Mermaid Backdrops

Undersea Castle

The Little Mermaid Undersea Castle Backdrop

Castle by the Beach

The Little Mermaid Castle by the Beach Backdrop

Ursula's Lair

The Little Mermaid Ursula's Lair Backdrop

Ornate Palace Interior

The Little Mermaid Ornate Palace Interior Backdrop