Peter Pan

Peter Pan Show

The Story. Easily one of the most beloved and portrayed characters of all time, Peter Pan is the story of a young mischievous boy who, along with his gang of lost boys and Tinkerbelle, set out on adventure after adventure on the magical island of Neverland. In this tale, Peter Pan befriends a young girl and her brothers then whisks them away to Neverland where they would never grow old. On the island, they encounter a colorful cast of mermaids, the Piccaninny natives and the infamous Capitan Hook.

Grosh Peter Pan Backdrops

Our Backdrops.  Escape the London Skyline at Night and take flight with Peter Pan and the lost boys to a fantastic new world. Come encounter the Neverland Lagoon with Fireflies, travel deep into the Forest and visit with the natives of Neverland then jump aboard and fight the evil Capitan Hook and his crew on his Pirate Ship Deck. Follow Grosh Backdrops and Drapery to the second star to the right and discover the all the whimsical backdrops and projections we have to offer that will make you never want to grow up. Don’t wait! Time is tick- tocking away!
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Peter Pan Neverland Backdrop

Lost Boys Forest

Peter Pan Lost Boys Forest Backdrop

Pirate Ship Deck

Peter Pan Pirate Ship Deck Backdrop