Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors Backdrops

The Story. Set a perfect stage for your production of the funny yet bizarre rock horror comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors. Grosh Digital Productions offers the best projected images portraying the main settings in this title—from dingy New York streets and back alleys to the interior of Mushnik’s Flower Shop.Little Shop of Horrors shines the light down on Skid Row, a perpetually depressed urban neighborhood. One of its inhabitants, the nerdy florist Seymour, takes care of a bloodthirsty but seemingly innocuous plant he named Audrey II. The plant takes its name after Audrey, a blonde woman Seymour is secretly in love with. Audrey, on the other hand, is in an abusive relationship with a sadistic dentist. The two lead characters both dream of one day leaving Skid Row and starting a life elsewhere. Meanwhile, Audrey II begins to demand more blood than Seymour can provide.

Little Shop of Horrors

Our Backdrops.  FEED ME!! Some great Grosh savings! Are you hungry for some blood-y good scenery for your next production of Little Shop of Horrors? We got you covered, baby! Begin your scene with that grungy downtown character with the help of our New York Borough, New York Street, Brick and Stucco Wall, Alley with Graffiti Wall, Washington Heights, Back Alley, Brick Wall or one of our many Tenement Legs sets. Stroll past the stand where Seymour first encounters Audrey II with our Small Town Street 1. Time for a feeding!! Audrey II needs his “plant food” but make sure you have good cover so you don’t get caught with our Back Alley, Henry Street or even the Backstage Theater or Backstage Wall drops that can also give the illusion of a back alley exterior. So make this mean green mother from outer space proud and shop from Grosh for your next plant horror fest.

Mushnik's Flower Shop

Grosh Mushnik's Flower Shop Backdrop

Back Alley

Grosh Back Alley  Backdrop

Tenement Building

Grosh Tenement Building Backdrop

Washington Heights

Grosh Washinton Heights Backdrop