Garden Backdrops


The Story. Tippy-tippy toe through the wide selection of garden backings that Grosh Backdrops and Projections has to offer. Allow your imagination to blossom with the various styles of garden landscapes we have that are sure to make your performance or event spring to life. Charm with our Garden with Fountain, Walls or Buildings; put your best foot forward with our Formal Garden, with or without a fountain; prepare your audience for a night of enchantment with one of our Night Garden scenes or allow your event to take a quirky and creative turn with one of our Fantasy Forest, Giant Mushrooms or Thumbelina drops for a more whimsical display. Don’t just lay on that bed of roses; act now to have your pick of the prettiest flowers in the garden of Grosh Backdrops and Projections.

Garden Backdrop Themes

Night Garden Backdrop


Garden with Arches Backdrop


Japanese Garden


Thumbelina Fantasy Garden