Big Fish Backdrops

Big Fish

The Story. Start you fantastical story with Grosh Backdrops. Your production of Big Fish can take place anywhere you need it to go with our hand painted backdrops. When Edward Bloom becomes ill, his son, William, travels to be with him. William has a strained relationship with Edward because his father has always told exaggerated stories about his life, and William thinks he’s never really told the truth. Even on his deathbed, Edward recounts fantastical anecdotes. When William, who is a journalist, starts to investigate his father’s tales, he begins to understand the man and his penchant for storytelling. Begin your gift of storytelling with Grosh Backdrops and Projections.

Big Fish Backdrops

Our Backdrops.  Transport yourself to the realm of the surreal with Grosh Backdrops as we look back on the life of Edward Bloom and his amazing adventures and encounters as a younger man. Begin the dreamy journey as little Edward encounters the witch in the woods who reveals his fate with our Forest 15, Forest Panels , Blue Night Forest , Shrek House and Forest backdrops. Set off into the world with Edward as he splits paths with Karl the Giant and drifts into murky territory to the town of Spectre with our Swamp, Bayou Landscape, Forest (Netted), Forest with Cut Opening, European Village with Church or Village 1 and 2. Next, join Edward as his path leads him to the Circus where he meets Sandra, the love of his life, with our Circus Tent Interior, Circus, Exterior Circus, Circus Tent Exterior, Circus Trapeze, Circus Tent Interior Big Top or Amusement Park Arch. Watch the Love of Edward and Sandra blossom with our Daffodil Field, Green Field or Sunrise drops. Take a trip to the bank with Edward as he aids Winslow in robbing the struggling financial institution with one of our Bank Interior drops. So join Grosh Backdrops and relive the fantastic life of Edward Bloom and let his colorful cast of friends and experiences captivate your audience before they all get turned into fish!!!

Blue Night Forest




Circus Tent Interior


Daffodil Field


Bank Interior