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The Story. A young Beauty named Belle is determined to save her father whom had been taken prisoner by a hideous beast man. Unfortunately, the Beast proclaims that he will only release her father under the condition that she remains in his castle for the rest of her days. Saddened but determined to set her father free, the young Beauty bravely agrees to these terms and is now his prisoner for life. However, as time carries on, our Beauty starts to slowly peel away at the gruff layers of the Beast, developing a close friendship with her once heinous captor thus learning the real magic of true love.

Grosh Beauty and the Beast Backdrops

Our Backdrops.  Grosh Backdrops and Digital have succeeded in capturing the wonder and romance of this timeless classic by designing several charming and imaginative backdrops as well as projection slides for the most pivotal scenes of Beauty and the Beast. From a simple Village, European Street or Tavern for a sing-a-long to a Grand Ballroom or Palace Interior where you can waltz the night away, you too can enchant and captivate your audience with the tale as old as time.

Popular Beauty and the Beast Backdrops

Village 1

Beauty and the Beast Village 1 Backdrop


Beauty and the Beast Tavern Backdrop

Grand Ballroom

Beauty and the Beast Grand Ballroom Backdrop

Forest Panel 4

Beauty and the Beast Forest Panel Backdrop