Beach Backdrops

Tropical Island

The Story. Enjoy some fun in the sun with one of our Beach themed backdrops! Want to have your dream wedding on the beach but maybe can’t quite make it there? No worries! Bring the sand and water to any venue with our Dramatic Tropical Sunset, Red Tropical Sunset, Tropical Beach at Sunset or Beach Landscape. Putting on a production of Once on this Island or Lord of the Flies maybe? Set the beach scenes with our Tropical Beach with Jungle Foliage or Legs, Tropical Beach Cove, Tropical Island, Tropical Beach and Sky or with one of our Palm Tree Legs. Show some beach pride in your home town with one of our destination backdrops like the New England Beach, Vacation Montage, Cape Hatters drop, our Greece ocean side drop, the Boardwalk, California Montage, Capri Beach, Atlantic Beach or Rio Beach. How about some beach blanket bingo with one our Surfboard drops? We got ‘em! And for those who are big fans of the island of Hawaii, we have plenty of Hawaiian backdrops to make you feel like you’re in paradise. So cruise on by to the Grosh website and start booking for your utopia today!

Beach Backdrop Themes

Orange Tropical Sunset


Tropical Beach

Tropical Beach with Jungle