Arches and Legs

Our Backdrops.  Move over burger joints! Grosh is rockin’ some new Arches!! Highlight any stage with a nice frame to set the mood of your event. Need to have your actors travel through the forest? Make it look like they are really in the woods with our Forest Arches with Cut Outs, Fantasy Forest Arch and Forest Arch Legs sets. What if the script calls for a winter look to the forest …and its night time?! We got you covered with our various Night Snow Leg sets. How about the scene from Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders? Grosh has the perfect Cavern Arch to introduce Genie. Or maybe you’d like to give your set a classic feel with one of our Parlor or Palace interior and exterior arches?! We have the perfect backings to do so. Check out the Grosh inventory to find the right framework for your next performance today!

Forest Arch

Grosh Forest Arch Leg Backdrops

Forest Arch with Cutouts

Grosh Forest Arch with Cutouts Backdrop

Night Snow Landscape Legs

Grosh Night Snow Landscape Legs Backdrop

Newsies Legs

Grosh Newsies Legs Backdrop

Circus Legs

Grosh Circus Legs Backdrop