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The Story. America’s darling little orphan Annie is the story about a young girl from a New York orphanage who’s fed up with being abused and taken advantage of by headmistress Miss Hannigan. She decides to make a great escape with the help of her fellow orphan family. Unfortunately, Annie plan is hindered when she is caught and returned to her unhappy home. However, Annie’s luck takes another turn when she captures the heart of the wealthy Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks who decides to take her in and help her find out who her real parents are.

Grosh Annie Backdrops

Our Backdrops.  It doesn’t have to be a hard-knock life for you or your production of Annie if you see how easy Grosh Backdrops or Projections can make it for you. Walk the same streets as Annie with our New York Street, New York Borough, New York Street Montage, New York Brownstone or one our Tenement buildings… maybe wander onto Broadway with our Broadway or Stylized New York Street drops. Be part of that wonderful Christmas celebration at Daddy Warbucks’ house with a Victorian Parlor, Palace Interior, Empire or Grand Ballrooms. But unlike Annie, there will be no Tomorrow if you don’t jump on these drops before they’re all snatched up!

New York Street

Grosh New York Street Backdrop


Grosh Broadway Backdrop


Grosh Orphanage Backdrop

Grand Ballroom

Grosh Grand Ballroom Backdrop