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The Story. Getting their start on the pages of the New Yorker, The Addams Family is the story of an eccentric and ghoulish group of characters who embrace a dark and offbeat lifestyle, turning heads wherever they go with their bizarre dress and unusual behavior. Their popularity as a cartoon strip grew and eventually landed them on the small screen. From 1964 to 1966, their crazy antics filled the homes across America. However, The Addams’ big break arrived in 1991 when Orion Pictures inherited the right to the series and decided to make a motion picture of the cooky clan. To their surprise, the movie took off, winning the hearts of fans, old and new. The plot had a long lost Uncle Fester coming back into the lives of Gomez, Morticia , Wednesday and Pugsley but he is not who he seems and attempts to rob his family of their fortune and take over Addams manor. The popularity of the Addams family continued as several spin off films were created thereafter. The family even made their way onto Broadway! The series was updated once again, taking place in the future with our little Wednesday all grown up and in a serious relationship. Wednesday is anxious to introduce her new boyfriend to her family but with so many differences, can they continue to be together?

Grosh Addams Family Backdrops

Our Backdrops.  If you like your backdrops and projections creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky …And just all together ooky then the Grosh family has what you need to scare up the perfect production for your Addams Family musical. Set the ultimate macabre mood with our Haunted House exterior or welcome guests inside with the animated Haunted Mansion Interior… how about a nice game of “Wake the Dead” in one of our frightening still or animated Graveyard with Full Moon or Graveyard with Gate. Let us help you make your next ghost gala a spooktacular good time.

Haunted House

Addams Family Haunted House Backdrop

Graveyard with Full Moon

Addams Family Graveyard with Full Moon Backdrop

Night Sky

Addams Family Night Sky Backdrop