Abstract Backdrops

Abstract Backdrops

The Story. Ready to embark on a gnarly visual experience? Grosh has some quirky artwork for you! Need Colorful Umbrellas, Swirls, Circles, Whimsical Ribbons, or crazy Dance Lights to cover you while you dance on stage? Ever wanted to show your love for Emojis? How about welcoming the changing of the seasons with a drop of the Elements? Maybe do the Time Warp… possibly with some colorful Clocks or Numbers?! Want to POW WHAM BOOM like the superheroes do? Does 19th century industrial steam- powered machinery get your gears turning? Love to watch the 60s flowers in bloom? Grosh has exactly what you need to express your higher self.

Abstract Backdrop Themes

Colorful Abstract Circles


Colorful Abstract


Time Warp


Colorful Umbrellas