Getting Creative with Productions during COVID

Getting Creative with Productions during COVID

As the nation is slowly starting to open up, there are modifications that many teachers, directors and dance instructors may have to put in place to put on a production. The Grosh Backdrop & Projections team have spoken to several instructors and directors regarding putting on a show with guidelines in mind. Guidelines and standards may differ from state to state and city to city, but we learned a few great ideas that may inspire you for your upcoming modified productions! 

Have your production in your studio or classrooms and use smaller backdrops


1. Since some typical venues may remain closed, some dance instructors or theatre teachers are opting in to having their productions in their studios or classrooms and using smaller backdrops to fit the size of their room and allow the performers their day on stage.

Have your production in your studio or classrooms and use smaller backdrops (1)





2. With certain venues having a limited occupant capacity, some directors and instructors are putting on multiple performances of their show with smaller audiences. This allows for all parents and friends to see the production with guidelines and social distancing in mind. 



Have your production in your studio or classrooms and use smaller backdrops (2)



3. As situations and guidelines are ever changing and differ greatly in many areas, some productions may have to put on a production without an audience. Streaming or recording your production is an option that many have taken or have considered. This will allow for everyone to have the ability to enjoy the show. 



Will you be trying out any of these ideas? Do you have any ideas of your own that were not listed here? Share with us! We would love to share all of your creative ideas with other teachers and directors. Your friends here at Grosh Backdrops and Projections understand that these are uncertain times and we know that modifications will be necessary for putting on a show or production. We are so happy to work with such creative and instructors and directors that are committed to keep the art of dance and theatre alive no matter the obstacle.  


Stay Safe & Stay Healthy, 

The Grosh Backdrop and Projection Team 

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