1. Log into your account online.  Review that the shipping address, dates and drops are correct.
  2. If everything is correct accept the terms and conditions.
  3.  Continue to payment.  We require $100 non-refundable deposit per backdrop or drape unless you are a school and paying with a purchase order.
  • All checks must be received within 10 days of placing your order.
  • All purchase orders must be received and approved for the rental/shipping by Grosh within 10 days of placing the order.

We must receive your non-refundable deposit within 24 hours of placing items on hold for you unless you are a school and paying with a purchase order. If you are paying with a purchase order you have 10 days to upload the purchase order online or email it to your backdrop consultant.

(**Full Payment must be received at least 14 days PRIOR to shipment**) (Purchase orders will be invoiced upon shipment)

A backdrop is made out of muslin material (a lightweight canvas). All backdrops are prepared with a light “muslin coat” prior to painting to adhere paint better. A water-base acrylic paint is used for all current backdrops to keep a sharp/vibrant look while keeping the backdrop as lightweight as possible. *Some of our backdrops are printed on state of the art large format printers using modern fabrics for maximum image quality and ease of use. Some of Grosh’s vintage inventory has been dyed. Certain backdrops may have scrim/netting adhered in certain areas.

Not necessarily, all backdrops and drapery Grosh rents are soft goods. The material can be folded or rolled from the sides, top or bottom to accommodate your venue (in many cases you can adjust to fit the height and width of a proscenium or stage).

To better assist our customers when renting items from Grosh’s vast inventory, we have rated all of our items by condition level. Please make yourself aware of the condition of each piece rented from Grosh.

Condition Ratings:

A – Like New. No visible damage or repairs. Backdrop is usable for all venues.
B – In newer condition with minor wear which may include repairs and cracking in some of the painted areas. May show fading in darker areas of drop. Backdrop is usable for all venues.
C – Backdrop has been rented several times and has mild cracking of the paint. Will have repairs and stains visible from closer distances and under certain lighting. Usable for most venues and can be improved with proper lighting. Best used on stage and some distance from the audience.
D – Vintage backdrop with medium to heavy cracking in the paint and/or fading of the design. Will have some visible repairs. Can be improved with proper lighting and/or props. Rents “as is”.

In many instances, proper lighting can minimize the vintage looking backdrop. When using a vintage backdrop onstage, the overall look far outweighs any small inaccuracy a backdrop has when looking at it from 2 or more feet away.

The colors depicted on the website may not always be accurate when viewing the tangible backdrop/drape. Computer monitors/printer colors all vary in color separation. When photographing items, the Grosh team lights each backdrop and drape with four to six 600-watt lights to simulate stage/event lighting.

All backdrops and drapery Grosh rents have webbing/grommets and tie lines along the top (every 12 inches) of each piece. The ties make it easy to hang the backdrop from an appropriate overhead suspension apparatus your venue uses.

Grosh recommends hanging your item(s) at least 24 hours prior to the start of your event. This helps in reducing any wrinkles or creases in the rented items. **TIP A pipe pocket is included on many of our backdrops and drapery. You may easily run a 1/2″ pvc or emt (electrical metal tubing) through the bottom of the item CAREFULLY. This will add a bit more weight and pull the drop taught for a smoother look.

When receiving your rented item, take time in your preparatory steps to make sure the area is clean before you unroll the drop. If debris, sharp objects, dirt, oil or liquids are in the area, you run the risk of damaging the item. Please review our care and maintenance page to for details on receiving and preparing your item/area.

Rest assured that Grosh Backdrops and Drapery sets the industry standard for fire safety. Grosh is licensed by the California State Fire Marshal as a certified General Applicator of flame retardant. All of our drops and drapery are certified with the highest safety rating possible and are tested and registered with the State Fire Marshal. Our drops meet NFPA 701 testing as well as the stricter fire codes for the state of California. While each state has its own codes and standards, the strict requirements for a CA certificate make it generally accepted throughout the US. Grosh can supply a certificate of flame resistance if required. Please contact our administrative coordinator for this item at (877) 363-7998.

Grosh Scenic Rentals uses Fed Ex shipping services standardly. Determining shipping time frames/levels are established upon required dates when the renter needs the drop in hand. (Grosh cannot be held responsible for interruption of service for circumstances beyond our control. This includes any freight carriers not meeting deadlines at their fault or for reasons beyond their control. Grosh Scenic Rentals is not responsible for additional costs relating to crews hanging or taking down backdrops/drapes at your location for delayed, misrouted or any other circumstances out of our control.)

Due to high demand, our Seasonal backdrops shipping in November and December will be shipped via Express service only.

Grosh Scenic Rentals ships items directly from our warehouse in Sun Valley, CA or Evansville, IN. The Grosh site now offers tracking of all orders placed online by entering your 6 digit order number on the Tracking Page found at the bottom of our home page. FedEx also offers e-mail or fax confirmation of your order including the tracking number. Please look for this to be received the day after the scheduled shipment. For further tracking information for Fed Ex, visit their site www.fedex.com.

Upon opening your box, you will find documents inside that ARE NOT TO BE DISCARDED. Please review the instructions on these documents. Grosh must receive the rented items on or before the date listed on your contract. A FedEx return label is provided inside your box. We recommend taking your backdrops directly to FedEx. If you need a pick up you must call FedEx 24 hours in advance to schedule a pick-up for the following business day. Keep in mind that the the Fed Ex pick up is a courtesy and if for any reason, Fed Ex fails to pick up, you are responsible for dropping it off at your nearest Fed Ex location.   FedEx does not usually move items on weekends and Holidays. **Please take the aforementioned into account when allotting time for return service.**

All items must be returned to Grosh the way they were received. Our experienced warehouse takes time to fold and prepare each item shipped out. You will notice that all items are folded carefully and shipped in plastic bags and sturdy boxes. Please fold the backdrop carefully on a clean floor, place in the plastic bag supplied return it in a suitable box. Many boxes can be used for round-trip service. In instances when the freight company mishandles a box, the renter is responsible for supplying a new shipping box for the return freight.

Upon ordering a backdrop/drape, your backdrop consultant should have discussed a pick-up time with you. Grosh’s standard pick-up times are between 8:00 am – 3:00 pm daily. When picking up in Sun Valley, CA come to the rear of our office at 8050 San Fernando Rd. Sun Valley, CA 91352. All pick ups are done at the back of our building (industrial complex); you may enter the parking lot gates off of N. Clybourn Ave and park in front of the left loading door. Returning of your rental items will be at the same rear loading door.  When picking up in IN go to 2422 N. Burkhardt RD. Evansville, IN 47715.  You can back up to the gate and they will load the backdrop into your vehicle.