Backdrops:To Rent or Place a Custom Design Order

Here are some questions to ask in order to determine which is better for you; renting or custom ordering a backdrop:

1.    What is your budget for the event?  Backdrop rentals range from $200- $500 per week.  Custom orders start at $500 and can go up to $20,000 depending on the size and art direction. Most custom order average between $5000 – $7000. If your event is longer than one week, ask your Grosh sales representative to weigh out the possibilities of a custom creation for you.

2.    What is your timeline?  You should reserve your rental backdrop in advance to prevent any last minute out of stock issues especially during holiday season with Nutcracker themes. You can pick-up your order if you are near one of warehouses or Grosh will ship using Fedex. Clients who prefer to use their shipping accounts with UPS, DHL, etc are welcome to do so. By picking up locally, you can also rent pipe and base. Pipe and base can’t be shipped due to length of pipes. This is why Grosh created and offers the Backdrop LIFT. (click through for more information)For  out of state customers, always allow a week for shipping to avoid rush shipping charges. For custom orders allow 3 week unless stated otherwise by Grosh Custom.


Providence College, St. Dominic's Weekend Gala

3.    Is this a one- time event? If you know you are going to anniversary a certain event or production, it might be worthwhile to consider custom ordering. Your Grosh sales representative can help you determine the most cost effective plan for you. Consider purchasing a generic backdrop that can be customized with the use of lighting, gobos, and other projections. Consider also if you want to purchase a more generic drop that the end user could “customize” with the use of lighting, gobos or other projection. By customizing the drop in this way, you’re not limiting the use for one event but you’re maximizing the ability for this backdrop to be seen in different ways.


4.    Are you working with a common theme?  Grosh has over  5,000 backdrops representing over 75 themes to choice from that include popular plays, musicals, scenic nature themes, geographic locations, landmarks, etc, etc. If your theme is common, chances are extremely high there are many backdrops to choice from in the rental inventory. If you are looking for something that is unique to your event or production, custom is the way to go.

5.    Do you have a proper place to store your custom backdrop?  It is recommended that backdrop be stored in a cool and dry place with no sun exposure. Roll the backdrop similar to how you roll up a sleeping bag to store the backdrop using minimal space.


Social Media Backdrop at BizBash

6.    Do your production and decoration requirements need to promote a one- of-kind appeal? Grosh’s Custom department is made up of some really talented artists who are creating all kinds of art pieces and custom backdrops. Share your vision; you will probably be surprised at how reasonable the cost is to produce it. Grosh Custom has created inside murals, buildings mural, designed custom speaker covers and artwork on plexi-glass.


7.    Do you need to incorporate specific logos?  Logos are easy to produce on a custom backdrop and are a great way to please a corporate client.

8.    Are you trying to recreate an actual photo or landmark? If so, this is the kind of project Grosh Custom loves.  Share your photos and visions for a custom quote.  Keep in mind, maybe it is not necessary to have a full size custom backdrop made. Rent your large backdrop to save money and have Grosh Custom reproduce a smaller version to be used to compliment the rental one. You could have a smaller backdrop made for an entryway of an event or photo opt area.

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