Setup Simplified.

  • Ease isn’t normally a word you associate in setting up a backdrop or drape in a ballroom, gymnasium, or any other venue without proper rigging. Standard pipe and base comes in long and awkward sections, heavy bases and don’t forget the labor! Many times it can be difficult to find a company to rent you what you need, and in many cases, they charge you more than its worth to set it up.
  • Setting a scene in a venue using a backdrop or drape can help tie your theme together seamlessly. Add tables, linens and chairs or actors and props; you can transport any audience to a conceptual reality. The Backdrop LIFT is Set Up Simplified!
  • Specifications

    • Constructed of high strength aluminum
    • Includes five 5’6″ interlocking sections of triangle truss
    • Convenient handle to easily maneuver LIFT for set up
    • Bubble level on base for easy leveling
    • LIFT fully extends to 17′ high
    • Collapsed LIFT measures 70″
  • Make any space a perfect venue – Convert a …

    • Tent
    • Ballroom
    • Gymnasium
    • Convention Center
    • Black Box Theater
    • Warehouse Space
    • Exhibition Booth
    • Theater without a Fly System



Between standard pipe and base and the Backdrop LIFT

Standard Pipe and Base Backdrop LIFT
Long, awkward pieces. Not easily shipped or transported Telescoping LIFT and truss can be shipped via standard couriers, such as FedEx or UPS
Setup normally requires 3-5 persons Completely set up a 25′ wide span with 2 people
Standard set up entails building frame structure on large open floor to then walk upright or by using large ladders or scissor lifts Simply set up LIFTS upright, attach the truss and crank the winch on each LIFT to raise to your desired height.
Complete set up can take approximately 60 minutes 15 minutes on average worth of set up and your done!
Standard 9′-16′ telescoping upright requires set up from 9’6″ off the ground The 17′ high Backdrop LIFT retracts to 5’10”
Maximum cross member span is 16′ wide before requiring another vertical support Accomplish a 25′ w span with just 2 LIFTs
Pipe and Base can be distracting by seeing the framework around the scenery Backdrop LIFT an be completely hidden behind the scenery it supports
  • 25ft_2
  • 25ft_2
  • 25ft_3
  • 25ft_drape1
  • 25ft_drape2
  • 40ft_1
  • 40ft_2
  • 40ft_3
  • bubble_level
  • case
  • clamp
  • cranking_theBackdropLIFT
  • leg_assembly
  • tradeshow
  • truss
  • winch

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