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Bob Lindoerfer


Before joining Grosh, Bob spent a number of years as a banker working in various capacities in operations, administrations and sales. He joined Grosh in 1989, and has been instrumental in expanding its rental business through new marketing innovations, such as placing all our backdrops and drapery on our website and improving our presence and location on search engines. More recently, Bob has implemented a second warehouse in Indiana to greatly lower shipping costs for our customers. Working with the Grosh team to implement new marketing strategies, continuing expansion of our inventory and improving customer service is important to Bob for future growth.

Bob believes in an "open door policy," and looks forward to hearing from our customers whenever they have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Amanda Uhlein


Amanda has worked with Grosh Scenic Rentals since graduating from the University of Redlands in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Amanda looks forward to a long career in the entertainment industry.  She enjoys music, art, tennis, golf and spending time with her husband and daughter, friends and family. Amanda enjoys traveling immensely which has impacted her life greatly. She traveled abroad while in college, spending one month in Japan as well as a semester in Salzburg, Austria. Amanda is always looking to build new relationships with clientele, new and old. Please feel free to contact her with any questions.

Rick Kiel

General Manager 

Rick Kiel is passionate about developing people, giving great customer service and growing business.  He is grateful that his work at Grosh allows him to contribute to education, the performing arts and special events. 


Rick has extensive experience in all aspects of leadership and management in a variety of organizations.  Much of his career was in healthcare including administration at Huntington Hospital and management consulting at Kaiser Permanente.

He studied management at UCLA and was born and raised in Southern California.  Rick is married with two grown sons and enjoys running, gardening, and just about anything in the outdoors.


JoAnna Smith

Manager of Business Development and Sales

JoAnna joined the Grosh team in 2014 and brings experience in business development and sales mostly from the financial industry after studying business administration at Cal Poly Pomona.

She is passionate about the arts and is grateful to work for Grosh who is committed to the arts. She loves talking with clients and helping them find the perfect backdrops to make their show come to life. She is dedicated to building long standing customer relationships and welcomes any customer to give her a call.


Nenita Roxas

Accounting Manager

When Nenita is not crunching numbers, she likes to spend her time outdoors. Whether hiking, camping, gardening or fishing, she enjoys being surrounded by nature. To prepare herself for a day at work, Nenita likes to listen to jazz or take a tranquil walk around the neighborhood, but it doesn't take much to get her to smile when she is on the job. She admits that joining Grosh has been one of her best experiences.

Anabel Felix

Territory Manager

Anabel joined the Grosh family in the summer of 2004. She enjoys being part of a company with such a long standing history in the Entertainment industry. Anabel continues to provide great customer service with a sincere approach to make each interaction enjoyable. She is eager to help and we enjoy seeing her smiley face every day. Anabel grew up here in Los Angeles. She loves old time rock 'n' roll and heavy metal, however she does have an appreciation for a wide variety of music. She enjoys going to see different bands play and shooting pool.


Nicole Lenander

Sr. Backdrop Consultant

Nicole joined the Grosh team in 2008.  She graduated from Cal State Northridge with a major in psychology...she did what most psych majors do and got a job in sales.  After a few jobs she found Grosh and has never been happier.  Nicole is a Los Feliz native and enjoys seeing the neighborhood change over the past few decades.  She balances her work and family life by using humor on a daily basis, including movie quotes in her everyday conversation.  Nicole has become a valuable asset to the Grosh team and she looks forward to working with all our customers.  


Liza Weerasinghe

Backdrop Consultant

Liza joined the Grosh family in the summer of 2013. Prior to joining Grosh, Liza spent many years building her knowledge in Retail Sales, as well as Market Research for the finance industry. Liza is passionate about the arts and loves to meet new people. Liza is no stranger to being a socialite, as she loves to collaborate with family & friends to celebrate the gift of life. During Liza's leisure time she enjoys concerts, traveling, theatre arts, and interior design.


John Neilson

Backdrop Consultant

Having joined Grosh in early 2014, John graduated from Chapman University where he studied communication, along with leadership and organizational studies. Extremely personable and open minded, John enjoys meeting new people and having thought provoking conversations. Whether meeting others through travel, sales, or even just a passerby on the street!

A descendant of an old artist family in Woodstock, NY; John has been influenced and shaped by the arts ever since his early childhood. With prior experiences in sales and marketing, John is excited to bring his knowledge and talents to Grosh and the entertainment industry, and to be back within the creative realm.

Silvia Ramos

Sr. Customer Service Specialist

 Silvia joined the Grosh team in June of 2006. She moved back to the Los Angeles area after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from University of California at Berkeley. She provides effective shipping solutions while ensuring customer satisfaction as our Senior Administrative Assistant.  Silvia enjoys going to rock concerts, watching the latest movies (she's seen them all) and taking naps on the beach.  Silvia looks forward to answering all your questions and doing so with a positive attitude. 

Sandra Guillen

Customer Service Specialist

Prior to joining the Grosh family in September 2007, Sandra had just recently earned her Bachelor of Arts and Letters degree in Philosophy from California State University, Los Angeles. As the Grosh Sales Assistant she strives to give the utmost respect and service to the best of her abilities. When she's not answering phones or bugging people for signatures, you can find her enjoying her favorite pastimes which include: listening to music, watching and meeting bands, reading complex literature, writing and the PARANORMAL...spooky!!!. 

Eric Mueller

Warehouse Manager

Eric Mueller has been with Grosh Scenic Rentals since 1979. He has endless knowledge of the company history and maintains an efficient work force.

After college, Eric ventured into the Hollywood area in search of a job. Here he began his career at Grosh Scenic Rentals. Eric's expertise is invaluable, and, over the years, his partnership with Grosh Scenic Rentals has helped the company continue to be a leader in the industry. Many achievements are part of his resume, including assistant shop foreman and warehouse manager.

He is the author of the Backdrop Care and Maintenance instructions, and will be the person you should talk to if you have any technical questions. So fear not, when you call for expert advice about your backdrop, drapery, or setup, that is what you will receive from Eric's expert advice, and undoubtedly a pleasant conversation, too!

California Warehouse Staff

Shown left to right: Manuel Sanchez, Jessie Gonzalez, Eric Mueller and Mario Vasquez

Evansville Warehouse Staff

Shown left to right: Kevin Green, Dan Rupley, Terry Sale, Joe Barton

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