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Town Square
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22'h x 50'w A
22'h x 50'w A
17'h x 40'w A
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22'h x 50'w A
22'h x 50'w A
17'h x 40'w A
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Town Square depicts the center of a quiet European town. At the middle of this stage backdrop is a spacious intersection with a statue of a soldier mounted on a horse. Surrounding the statue are imposing buildings, fenced trees, and several street lights. In the background, one can see a few lingering clouds in the otherwise blue sky. Theatrical productions of fairy tale titles, especially Beauty and the Beast, can use this specific design. It can also be added to sets and events that are centered on colonial towns and other historical topics and personalities. Reserve this piece for your show or event by calling Grosh Backdrops and Drapery or ordering online. To find out more about the product, simply use the availability form provided on this page. Keywords: backdrop, backdrops, stage backdrop, town, city hall, statue, Our Town, colonial, Founding Fathers, American town, European streets, Beauty and the Beast, Camelot, Cinderella, Coppelia
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