Alice in Wonderland Enchanted Forest Backdrop School Plays. Also used in: Shrek. Sleeping Beauty. The Secret Garden

Rental Rate: $350.00

Item #S3549
Ships From: California Condition: A Like new. No visible damage or repairs. Backdrop is useable for all venues. Size : 9'9''h x 27'4''w
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A perfect choice for fantasy scenes, Grosh Backdrop's Enchanted Forest depicts a lovely forest covered with vividly colored plant life. The forest floor is lined with red and green grass, while varieties of mushrooms and shrubs grow close to the ground. The foreground features a number of trees with blue trunks and green leaves, while the background has silhouettes of taller trees.

This Enchanted Forest backdrop goes well with titles such as Alice in Wonderland, Shrek, Pippin, Snow White, Cinderella, and other fairytales. To get this product for your production, check the form provided on this page. You may also call us for any questions about the product or shipping details.

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