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Bust a Move
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California Inventory
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22'h x 50'w A
Indiana Inventory
Dimensions Condition Item Number
22'h x 50'w A
17'h x 40'w A
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Whether you’re staging a dance competition, holding a school dance, or creating a stage design for a DJ competition, we’ve got you covered. Bust a Move is a colorful backdrop that features a city skyline set against a sunset-colored background. It also showcases silhouettes of dancers and a disc jockey, as well as musical staffs with colorful notes and a treble clef. Aside from dance- and music-themed events, this backdrop can also be used for theatrical productions. To make a reservation, please get in touch with our customer service consultants today or use our convenient website ordering process. Grosh Backdrops and Drapery delivers to all U.S. locations from its offices in California and Indiana.
22h-x-50w S3599
22h-x-50w ES7992
17h-x-40w ES8088